Data Processing Subsystem

The data processing sub-systems, based on special software, which is responsible for:

  1. processing of sensor measurements from the station, the data of measurements they (executives) of the Region of Sterea Ellada and the current issue warnings and alerts on the situation on secondary roads (eg formation of ice, strong vochoptosi, etc. ) and
  2. by issuing medium-term (about 2 hours) warnings - predictions about the conditions on the road.

The first function is based on a comparison of prices of sensors with alarms and thresholds to empirical rules (eg soil temperature and subsoil together with atmospheric temperature and humidity usually formed ice, etc.) and the second specific prediction algorithm.
In the first operation, the following short alarms are available at minimum (the minimum and maximum values determined by graphical user interface - GUI):

  • Temperature road surface
  • Temperature below the road surface
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Visibility
  • Level and type of precipitation (rain / snow)
  • Wind (speed, direction and gusts)
  • Ice to the road
  • Levels antipagetikou material to the road
  • Short-term warning ahead onto ice conditions

The software is able to supply a graphic way in real time (with adjustable by the user, refresh rate) all the parameters collected by the RWIS stations and all the results of calculations, alarms and warnings.
In the second operation, a special algorithm to predict who has the opportunity in conjunction with meteorological data provided by third parties to produce medium-term forecasts and warnings alerts on weather conditions in the present roads, ice-creation, strong snowfall / Rain, strong winds, etc. - at least two (2) hours before the onset of the phenomena.
Since the last function gives the ability to alert emergency events (formation of ice, fog, snow) stations and software based on comparison of measurements with a threshold size, has installed a special medium-term prognosis, which in combination with meteorological data provided by third parties (providers of meteorological data) fully satisfies the early warning those responsible for the road (medium-term projections at least 2 hours). Apart from the above prediction application to the work include the cost of interconnection with specialized meteorological data bases and the cost of such data for three (3) years.
The combination of the above enables early warning of both the Prefect and the special teams as well as other stakeholders such as D.E.S.E. and Traffic.
These applications are installed on servers to be installed in the Control Center, the building of the Region of Sterea Ellada.


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